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MLP Summer Sights: Reef Madness WIP07 by bipole
MLP Summer Sights: Reef Madness WIP07
… wherein the girls enjoy the hottest time of year.


:icontwilightwoahplz: This is the "underwater", where sponges learn to drive boats, fish don't stink, and mermaids dream of fighting on land.

:iconbipole: How else would book pony spend her beach vacation?

:icontwilightconfusedplz: You could stand to do a bit of research yourself. There aren't any coral down here yet. How is everyone supposed to get the joke?

:iconbipole: fcs, give me time. Trust me, it will all pan out.


So I stepped away for a few seasons to get my head straight and lines solid. It's pretty funny how even this small bit of time can change your perspective.

Something struck me as odd about Twilight's face, and it turned out to be a bit squished. Some other slight changes to pose to keep things graceful.

Still hesitant about turning off the sketchwork, but I may have found a new lining trick I'll eventually use. I'm definitely worrying about how all that hair is going to look.


Changes to her swimsuit. Early on, I had accidentally shifted the stripes, or purposely so for reasons I can't remember.

At the moment, many of my flat colors are shapes, mainly to help keep curves curvy, but also to avoid having random holes where brush strokes didn't quite cross. It has been years since I stopped using the Bucket, a really good habit to avoid when starting out since it either leaves halos or overpaints areas you don't quite expect.

The problem with using vectors for fills is when your linework is not nearly as clean-cut, or intentionally scratchy.


Getting fancy with the Path Blurs. I remember submitting an idea to Adobe years ago about adding some way to have blurs have different parameters throughout the canvas. They clearly outdid themselves with Blur Gallery, and being able to use it as a Smart Filter is pretty damn sweet.


Starting to feel comfortable with linework today. It occurred to me that I could use Levels to sharpen a linework layer by simply adjusting the gray slider. Only problem is that I use solid color fill layers for linework (basically a flat color with a mask), and adjustment layers—which would allow me to preview and adjust the effect at will—can't be applied only to masks. Clearly I'm straining the system.

Meanwhile, I'm trying a lineless method for hair that still makes use of the basic colors.


… and it seems to work well enough. Nothing quite like drawing each and every strand of hair. I'd love to be able to replicate the effect with much less work. I think the bristle brushes would fit the bill, but with a more advanced tablet than what I have. The original Intuos stylus doesn't have rotation, which I think breaks the deal for now.

Scootaloo gets some high-def treatment. Still need to figure out her SCUBA gear.


Some of the residents are dropping in.

True to form, Twilight's bubble is magic—mostly a side-effect of the Divide blending mode and the color I was trying to remove. I can't explain where the purple comes from. Sweetie Belle's bubble is as close as I got trying to repeat the results, but in green.
Disneystellar by bipole
… wherein a mashup of Disney/Pixar characters travel through a crossover in an attempt to ensure deviantART's confusion a continued legacy.

I've never had Photoshop use so muuuuch RAM. Probably my fault for giving each and every bit of color its own layer. But with all the back-and-forth and changing minds, I absolutely need every bit of separation I can manage. I do envy all those artists that can make do with a handful of layers, and finish something like this in a day.

No idea what possessed me to smash these two universes together, but who can argue with the result? There is still much that didn't make it into the final cut, such as Buzz's betrayal, the Jungle Book-inspired spacesuits, and the modules' music number. Have fun figuring it all out!

Own the Blu-Ray on Tuesday.

Interstellar © :iconbatmanohnoesplz:
Disney/Pixar characters © :icondolanplz:
Crossovers © :iconwillitblendplz:

Brave souls, on rockets raised, escaping blight,
Beyond the heavens, in the black hole's sway,
Do not go gentle into that good night.
:iconinglipplz: The layout changed?



the bipolar
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